1.1. General information

Operation of the Mazda 626/MH-6 cars of release of 1982-1991 (for the Mazda 626 Wagon models (station wagon) – till 1995 inclusive), and also partially the models intended only for the Asian countries – Capella and Persona is considered.
Cars are equipped with four-cylinder petrol engines on which the Champion F2O8 oil filter is used. For engines with carburetors install the Champion W120 air filter.
Overall dimensions of the car are specified in tab. 1.1.

Table 1.1
Overall dimensions of the car
* Cars of 2,0 l.

For the maintenance of the car in good repair, maintenance of optimum dynamic and operational characteristics carry out the following:
– use only the recommended fuel;
– check a tension and a condition of maple belts;
– support normal levels of cooling liquid and engine oil.