1.18. Illumination of salon

Lighting lamps of salon and lamp of individual lighting.

Fig. 1.35. Provisions of the three-position switch of illumination of salon and switch of a lamp of individual lighting: 1 – it is switched constantly off ("OFF"); 2 – the lighting lamp of salon lights up only in public ("DOOR"); 3 – it is constantly included ("ON"); 4 – switch of a lamp of individual lighting

Operate illumination of salon by means of the three-position switch. Lighting joins irrespective of the provision of a key in the switch of ignition (fig. 1.35).
For inclusion of a lamp of individual lighting press the switch.

Lamps of individual illumination of passengers.
Lamps for reading join separately and switched off if to press outside the corresponding case of a lamp. Press once to turn on the light. By repeated pressing the light will be turned off.