1.19. The lifting and movable hatch of a roof with the electric drive

Fig. 1.36. Arrangement of the switch of control of the roof panel drive: 1 – to lift up; 2 – to open; 3 – to close; 4 – to lower down

The hatch of a roof can move by means of the electric drive. For this purpose turn a key in the ignition switch in the provision of "ON" ("ll"). To open the hatch, press the key located in the top console (fig. 1.36). The hatch can be opened to any situation. To close the hatch, press a key. For additional ventilation a back part of the movable panel can also be lifted up. For this purpose press the party of "UP" or "DOWN" of a key to return the hatch to a starting position.
In the situation lifted up the panel of a roof cannot be shifted back. When pressing the keyboard OPEN switch the roof panel lifted up at first automatically comes back to a starting position, then moves in the direction back.

The movable hatch and sun-protection blind are put in action at the same time. Therefore at the open hatch the blind should not be closed.

Release the keyboard switch as soon as the hatch is completely open or closed. If not to release the switch, the hatch can be damaged. Before going out of the car, check whether the hatch is correctly closed.

Regularly remove dirt from a hatch guide.

Fig. 1.37. Use of a key with an internal hexagon for the roof hatch drive manually

In case of malfunctions in the electric drive the hatch can be open or closed manually. For this purpose use a key with an internal hexagon which is in a ware box (fig. 1.37).