1.20. Parking brake

If during the movement the brake pedal fails, it is necessary to brake by means of the parking brake. At the same time it is necessary to consider that the brake way will be much longer, than usually.
The parking brake turns on when raising the lever of the parking brake. For switching off of the parking brake pull the lever a little up and, having pressed the button in a lever end face, lower the lever.

Every time before beginning the movement, pay attention to a control lamp of the brake system. At the included ignitions and the parking brake the lamp has to burn. The movement with the switched-on parking brake results in the increased fuel consumption and bystry wear of overlays of brake shoes.
Never leave the car with the working engine unguarded. Slow down the car the parking brake, install the selector lever in position of the parking "Р" (the automatic transmission), and the gear shifting lever (the mechanical transmission) in situation "R" (backing), stop the engine and block doors when you go out of the car.