1.22. Launch of the engine towage

At towage of the car with the idle engine it is necessary to make considerably great efforts for turn of a steering wheel and pressing a brake pedal.
1. Include ignition, the second transfer and press a coupling pedal.
2. The towing car has to start slowly.
3. At a speed about 15 km/h slowly release a coupling pedal, the right hand has to lie on the lever of the parking brake.
4. If the engine was launched, press a pedal of coupling and a pedal of an accelerator.
5. Slowly lift the lever of the parking brake not to face the towing car.
6. Give a signal to the driver of the towing car.
7. Switch off transfer and release a coupling pedal.
8. Together with the car tower softly slow down by means of the parking brake.

Models with the automatic transmission and models with the engine with a working volume of 2,0 l and electronic injection of fuel cannot be started up towage. Use the auxiliary battery or the battery of other car with a cable crossing point.