1.7. Mirrors

The external rear-view mirror can be damaged as a result of purification of ice from its surface. At adjustment of provision of a mirror it is not necessary to make excessive efforts. Use an aerosol anti-icer, the hair dryer, a sponge or a soft fabric napkin for this purpose.

External rear-view mirror with the electric drive.
The switch of an external rear-view mirror is on the dashboard. It is intended for adjustment of provision of the left and right mirrors. Adjustment of a mirror is carried out as follows.

Fig. 1.11. Arrangement of the switch (1) of the choice of a mirror and switch (2) adjustments of provision of a mirror

1. The switch is installed in the right or left situation depending on that what provision of an external rear-view mirror has to be adjusted (fig. 1.11).
2. Pressing the relevant party of the switch of adjustment of provision of a mirror, adjust a mirror angle of rotation.

After movement of a mirror against the stop the electric motor continues to work until the switch is switched off. Do not turn on the electric motor on more long, than it is necessary, time.
If the car is equipped with the developing external rear-view mirror, in need of it it is possible to put, turning to a door.

Rear-view mirror in salon.
The mirror can be established by turn of the lever in one or the other provisions.
The mirror is regulated by means of the drive lever.
In a basic position the lever from below of a mirror has to be directed forward.
For an exception of the blinding action of headlights of the car going behind change a mirror tilt angle, having moved the lever back.