командная виртуальная реальность в москве игры VR до.

10:11. Pressure regulator

Fig. 10.22. Left regulator of pressure: 1 – brake tube; 2 – bolt; 3 – pressure regulator

The regulator of pressure is located on a partition of a motor compartment (rice 10.22). Its exact check requires the special equipment for testing, but about emergence of malfunction it is possible to judge by premature blocking of brakes of back wheels when braking with big loading or if back brakes do not work at all.
For removal of the regulator of pressure at first clear it outside, then turn off from it all tubes. Use rags for collecting the following brake fluid and observe precautionary measures not to allow hit of brake fluid on a paint and varnish covering of the car.
Turn off a bolt of fastening of the regulator of pressure to a partition and remove it.
Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal. Upon completion of all operations remove air from the hydraulic drive of the brake system.