12:11. Replacement of motionless glasses

Wind and back glasses are pasted to the rubber laying fixed on a body. Replacement flew down – the laborious work demanding special skills. Without them it is very difficult to provide tight installation of glass therefore it is desirable to carry out replacement of glass at service station.

Triangular glass (compartment models)
Raise a sheeting of a seat belt and turn off bolts of fastening of a seat belt from the central rack.
Remove an upholstery of the central rack.

Fig. 12.20. Elements of fastening of triangular glass of salon (compartment model): 1 – decorative upholstery of the central rack; 2 – sealant; 3 – triangular glass; 4 – lock; 5 – lattice of the exhaust ventilation; 6 – molding; 7 – the adjusting plate flew down

Turn off a nut of fastening of glass and the self-cutting lock screw, then extract glass (fig. 12.20).
Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal.