12:12. Roof hatch

On some models the hatch with the electric drive is installed. It is run by two switches located in the block of the top lighting.
Successfully to make repairs or replacement of elements of the hatch, knowledge and experience are necessary. At emergence of any problems address to auto repair shop or to the skilled expert.

Fig. 12.21. Roof hatch: 1 – internal upholstery;
2 – wind guard; 3 – guide; 4 – hatch guide; 5 – set of tubes; 6 – hatch drive electric motor; 7 – frame; 8 – stopper; 9 – frame tube; 10 – the back directing arm; 11 – the forward directing arm; 12 – lower panel; 13 – sealant; 14 – external panel

Do not allow pollution of guides of the hatch (fig. 12.21).

Fig. 12.22. Use of a six-sided key for opening and closing manually the hatch with the electric drive

If the electric motor of the drive of the hatch does not work, check the corresponding safety lock and fusible crossing points. The hatch can be opened and closed manually by means of a wrench with a six-sided head, as shown in fig. 12.22. The key is applied to the car and is in a ware box.