13:13. Heater of back glass

Fig. 13.57. Elements of a heater of back glass: and – a body the sedan; b – compartment body; with – a body the hatchback; 1 – heater switch; 2 – noise suppressing element

The heater of back glass represents horizontally located heating elements which are raised dust on the surface of glass at its production (fig. 13.57).
Small ruptures of heating elements can be eliminated, without removing back glass.
For check of work of a heater launch the engine and include a heater of back glass.
Connect one probe of a control lamp to "mass" of the car, the second probe accurately concern each heating element.
Brightness of light of a control lamp has to increase in process of advance of the probe from the right edge of a heating element to left. If the control lamp burns brightly on both ends of a heating element, check whether the wire of connection with "weight" is reliably connected. All heating elements should be checked at least in two places.
For repair of break of a heating element it is recommended to acquire the repair set intended especially for this purpose.
For break elimination switch off a heating system in the beginning and wait several minutes.
Carefully clear the field of repair by alcohol or solvent.
Paste strips of an adhesive tape on both sides of the field of repair. The distance between strips has to be same, as between heating elements. It can be checked outside of the car.
Put with a small brush a little silver paint between tape strips, blocking the intact area on both parties.
Let's paint dry during 24 h and process the field of repair by a stream of hot air. At the air temperature of 60 °C paint will dry in 30 min.
In spite of the fact that the heater is completely ready to work, the field of repair is not recommended to be touched during 24 h.