13.2. Safety locks

Fig. 13.2. An arrangement of the block of safety locks under the dashboard from the driver

For protection of electric chains safety locks and fusible crossing points are used. The block of safety locks is located under the dashboard from the driver (fig. 13.2).
Each of safety locks protects the chain, its belonging to this or that chain is designated on a cover of the block of safety locks.

Fig. 13.3. Use of tweezers when replacing a safety lock

Safety locks of knife type which color corresponds to the current of protection of a safety lock are installed in the block of safety locks. In case of failure of any element of electric equipment, first of all it is necessary to check a condition of a safety lock. Serviceability of a safety lock is determined by presence of the wire conductor connecting contacts of a safety lock. For replacement of the failed safety lock previously switch off the corresponding electric chain and take a safety lock from a nest tweezers (fig. 13.3).

It is forbidden to replace a safety lock with a strip of metal or a foil as it can lead to serious damages of the electric equipment of the car.

If again established safety lock instantly fails when giving tension, check the protected electric chain. If the safety lock protects several chains, then they need to be connected in turn in order that to determine a faulty chain by burn-out of a safety lock.
The heater and the conditioner consume big current therefore the block of safety locks has the switch for protection of their chains. If the chain is disconnected by the switch, switch off a heater and the conditioner before pressing the button of repeated turning on of the switch.

Fusible crossing points
Besides safety locks, chains of electric equipment are protected by means of fusible crossing points. They are used in chains which are usually not protected by safety locks, such as an ignition switch chain. The fusible crossing points used on these models consist of special wires which are installed in the block of fusible crossing points located on a car wing from the rechargeable battery. Fusible crossing points are not subject to restoration, they should be replaced with a wire of the same diameter (it can be got from dealers of Mazda). Replacement of fusible crossing points is made as follows:
– eliminate malfunction which is caused by melting of a crossing point;
– disconnect a wire from the negative plug of the rechargeable battery;
– take a fusible crossing point from a nest;
– establish a new fusible crossing point in a nest.