13.5. Switches

Check of the drive   of the suspension bracket shock-absorber adjusted in three directions
Uncover the drive of the shock-absorber and disconnect the socket.

Fig. 13.27. An arrangement of contacts ("L", "In", "W") the socket of the drive of the suspension bracket shock-absorber adjusted in three directions

Measure by an ohmmeter resistance between contacts of "L" and "In" (the sports mode) and contacts of "W" and "In" (the normal mode) (fig. 13.27). Resistance has to be within 2,8–3,3 Ohms.

The combined switch
Disconnect a wire from the negative plug of the rechargeable battery.
Remove a steering wheel.
Unscrew screws and remove the top and lower casings of a steering column.
Remove a lock ring of the switch of ignition.
Remove a lamp of illumination of the switch of ignition and (if it is necessary) the lever of an inclination of a steering column.
Unscrew the ignition switch clip screw.
Raise an adjusting uvula of the combined switch then pull together the switch from a steering column.
Disconnect contact sockets from the switch.
Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal.
Ignition switch
For access to the switch of ignition remove a steering wheel and the combined switch.
Drill bolts of fastening of the switch of ignition or turn out them, turning by means of a chisel or a core.
At installation you will need new bolts with the cut-off heads.
Remove the ignition switch from a steering column and disconnect from it the socket.
Install the ignition switch into place and fix by bolts. Connect the socket to the ignition switch, check operation of the switch of ignition and the lock of steering. After check of their work tighten bolts before cutting of their heads.
Install the combined switch and a steering wheel.