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13.6. Headlights

Uncover facing of a radiator (if it is established) and facing of a radiator.
Disconnect a wire from the negative plug of the rechargeable battery.

Headlight with a lamp headlight
Unscrew screws and remove a slip

Fig. 13.28. Elements of fastening of a headlight with lamps headlights: 1 – high beam headlamp assembled; 2 – facing of a radiator; 3 – top cover of facing of a radiator; 4 – adjusting screw of the high beam headlamp; 5 – arm; 6 – spring; 7 – adjusting screw of a headlight of passing beam; 8 – spring of a headlight of passing beam; 9 – headlight of passing beam assembled; 10 – forward dimensional lamp assembled; 11 – overlay of headlights and clips

Turn out four screws and remove a frame, supporting a lamp headlight (fig. 13.28). Disconnect the socket and remove a headlight from the car.
Establish a new lamp headlight, connect the socket, establish a fixing frame and fix by screws.
Establish a slip and check work of a headlight. If adjusting screws did not rotate, adjustment of a headlight of forward light is not required.

Headlight with the replaced lamp

Fig. 13.29. Elements of fastening of a headlight with a replaceable lamp: 1 – adjusting screw of a headlight; 2 – arm; 3 – cover; 4 – lamp and boss; 5 – internal spring; 6, 10, 11 – bolts; 7 – arm;
8 – a headlight with the lens; 9 – external spring; 12 – forward dimensional lamp assembled

Remove a forward dimensional lamp (fig. 13.29).
Turn out bolts and take springs, the fixing headlight elements. Disconnect the socket from a lamp and remove a headlight from an arm.
Replace a lamp.
Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal.

Adjustment of light of headlights
It is very important that the direction of a beam of light of headlights was correctly adjusted.

It is recommended to establish lamps of Holts Amber Lamp to replace headlight light with light which is accepted for the cars operated in Europe.

If headlights are adjusted incorrectly, they can blind the driver of the oncoming car, the emergency can result or it is considerable worsen visibility. Two adjusting screws with springs are provided in headlights: one from above for adjustment in the vertical plane and one sideways for adjustment in the horizontal plane.
There are several methods of adjustment of light of headlights, the simplest demands use of the screen or the light-painted wall at distance of 3 m in front of the car and an equal horizontal floor.
Install the car on a plain horizontal surface at distance of 3 m from the screen or the light-painted wall.
Paste an adhesive tape vertically on the screen on a longitudinal axis of the car and the centers of both headlights.

If the car is equipped with four headlights, it is necessary to paste four strips according to the center of each headlight and one strip on a longitudinal axis of the car.

Paste an adhesive tape horizontally on the screen through the centers of all headlights

Perhaps, it is easier to define the center of headlights if to park the car at distance of several centimeters from a wall.

At adjustment of light of headlights it is necessary to meet the following conditions:
– the car has to be installed on the flat horizontal platform;
– the car in the equipped state: the fuel tank is filled half, in a luggage carrier a set of tools and a spare wheel;
– pressure in tires normal;
– before adjustment it is necessary to shake a car body in order that all elements of a suspension bracket rose on the places;
– the driver has to be in the car.

Fig. 13.30. An arrangement of adjusting screws of headlights with lamps headlights

At first regulate headlights of passing beam: establish a zone of high intensity of lighting so that it was slightly lower than the horizontal line and was at distance of 5 cm to the right (for a left headlight) or to the left (for a right headlight) from the vertical line. Adjustment is carried out by rotation of adjusting screws (fig. 13.30, 13.31).

Fig. 13.31. Adjustment of light of headlights with removable lamps

Turn on high beam headlamps. The zone of high intensity has to be adjusted so that its center was 5 cm lower than the horizontal line.
Exact adjustment is possible only by means of the special device.

Happens it is impossible to adjust light of headlights of at the same time near and far light precisely. If you need to find the compromise solution, do not forget that headlights of passing beam are used more often and more influence traffic safety.