15.9. Suspension bracket

Fig. 15.72. System of the steering all-wheel drive: 1 – reserve tank; 2 – oil pump; 3 – steering mechanism of forward wheels; 4 – speed sensors; 5 – control unit; 6 – intermediate shaft of the steering drive; 7 – traction relay; 8 – steering mechanism of back wheels; 9 – steering wheel; 10 – the relay with the timer; 11 – steering shaft

Part of cars is equipped with system of the steering all-wheel drive (system 4WS) (fig. 15.72). This system connects the steering mechanism of forward wheels to the steering mechanism of back wheels which turns on the traction relay by means of a steering shaft, providing turn of back wheels in certain conditions. Any works on service of system (check and adjustment) should be carried out in the autoservice center.
Replacement of the bearing
back wheel

Fig. 15.74. Suspension bracket of back wheels of cars of 1988-1991 of release: 1 – shock-absorber; 2 – sensor of frequency of rotation of a wheel of the ABS system; 3 – cross lever; 4 – longitudinal lever; 5 – pin; 6 – protection cover of a back brake; 7 – brake disk; 8 – the nut (to replace); 9 – (to replace) a cap of a nave; 10 – cable of the parking brake; 11 – support

In cars since 1988 of release non-demountable bearings of back wheels, not demanding adjustments (fig. 15.74) are installed. For replacement lift the car and fix it on supports.
On the cars equipped with disk brakes of back wheels remove a back support with the brake cylinder.
Take off a cap of a nave and turn off a nut.
Remove the brake drum or a disk.
If the bearing is damaged, a vypressuyta it and press new for what it is necessary to hand over a nave in auto repair shop.
Establish a nave on an axis, screw a new nut and tighten it the required moment.

On the cars equipped with the ABS system be careful – do not damage sensors of frequency of rotation of wheels.