2.1. General information

Approximate filling volumes, l 
The lubrication system (including an oil filter)..... 3,6
The cooling system (including a heater):
engine 1,6..... 6,9
engine 2,0..... 7,2
Fuel tank..... 60
Mechanical transmission..... 3,4
Automatic transmission..... 5,7

Moments of an inhaling, N · m
Bolts of fastening of a head of the block of cylinders:
warm engine..... 95–100
cold engine..... 82–88
Spark plugs..... 15–23
Nuts крепленияколес..... 90–120
Bolts of fastening of a kryshkigolovka of the block of cylinders..... 2,8–4,1
Preliminary loading of a nut of the bearing of a back wheel..... 24,8–30
Drain stopper of the automatic transmission..... 16
Bolts of fastening of a support:
top bolt..... 15–24,8
lower bolt..... 19–30

In the section checks and the adjustments necessary for maintenance of high operational qualities of the car, profitability, safety of the movement and durability are described.
To ensure reliable functioning of the car during the entire period of operation, it is necessary to carry out maintenance in due time. The manufacturer established the frequency of maintenance given below.
Keep in mind that it is necessary to adhere to the schedule of scheduled works strictly; performance only of several service stations according to the specified intervals will not yield optimum results.
If maintenance is carried out irregularly, normal operation of various units and devices of the car is broken. Especially it concerns the engine of the used car which was not exposed to regular or timely checks. In such cases, besides periodic maintenance, it is necessary to perform additional adjustment works.
At service of the car many of operations can and have to be grouped owing to similarity of nature of works. It is illustrated by the following example. If the car is lifted for lubricant of elements of the chassis, it is at the same time possible to check system of production of the fulfilled gases, a suspension bracket, steering and a power supply system fuel.
If wheels are removed for periodic shift of tires, it is necessary to check a condition of brake mechanisms and bearings of wheels.
If you borrowed a dynamometer key, at the same time check the moments of an inhaling of spark plugs and bearings of wheels. Small skills of work therefore previously get acquainted with appropriate sections are necessary for service of the car. Collect all necessary details and tools. If you unexpectedly have problems when performing any work, consult with the dealer.

Technical characteristic

Lubricants and special liquids

Pressure in tires