2.13. Check of a suspension bracket and steering

Establish forward wheels for the movement directly and, slightly turning a steering wheel in different directions, define a free wheeling of a steering wheel. The free wheeling is a corner on which the steering wheel until the beginning of turn of forward wheels turns. The big free wheeling can be caused by wear of hug bearings, the spherical hinge of the lower lever, universal hinge of a steering shaft or the steering mechanism.
Check serviceability of the shock-absorber, having shaken a body for its corner. The body has to come back to a starting position after its otpuskaniye. If the body rises above a starting position and continues to be shaken, most likely, the shock-absorber located from this party failed and is subject to replacement. Check fastening of the shock-absorber for wear.
Install the car on the elevator.
Check wear and a condition of tires.
Check a condition of the universal hinge between a steering shaft and a case of steering transfer.
Check a case of steering transfer for lack of leak of liquid.
Visually check antisplash covers of spherical hinges and protective covers of the rack steering mechanism for existence of cracks, attritions and aging. Any damages of covers lead to lubricant loss, hit of water and dirt and, as a result, bystry wear of spherical hinges or the steering mechanism.
While the assistant turns a steering wheel here and there, check details and knots of steering for wear and reliability of fastening.
Check a state and a side play of hinges of the lower levers, trying to move with an assembly shovel levers concerning a wheel disk up and down.
In a back part of the car examine plugs of levers of a back suspension bracket.