2.15. Verification of the provision of the air gate of the carburetor

The air gate of the carburetor works only at launch of the cold engine therefore an inspection needs to be carried out on the car which did not work at least within one day.

This section belongs to the cars equipped with the computer-controlled air gate.

Open a cowl and uncover the air filter which fastens a nut with a lamb and three clips.
If to look from above at the carburetor in the middle of the case of the air filter, it is possible to see the flat air gate of the carburetor located in the top part of the carburetor.
Ask the assistant to press an accelerator pedal, the air gate of the carburetor has to be closed completely. Launch the engine and watch it.

Do not bend low over the carburetor – the engine can give a backfire that will lead to a serious burn. At launch of the engine the air gate has to open a little.

Launch the engine and leave it to idle. In process of its warming up up to the working temperature the air gate has to open slowly, passing bigger amount of air in the carburetor.
In a few minutes operation of the engine the air gate has to open and reach vertical position completely.
At the switched-off engine examine surfaces of an axis of the air gate on existence of possible deposits which can lead to jamming of the gate. For cleaning of the gate use a special aerosol. Clear a gate axis, turning the gate manually.
Apply aerosol lubricant on the surfaces of contact of draft and be convinced that the gate moves freely.