2.17. Replacement of an oil filter and engine oil

Periodic replacement of oil and oil filter – the most important scheduled maintenance of maintenance.
In use engine oil grows old – becomes liquid and polluted that leads to premature wear of the engine.
Replacement of oil should be made right after a trip on yet not cooled down engine that oil flew down together with pollution better.
For replacement of oil and an oil filter it is necessary to use the following equipment and materials:
– engine oil to the meeting specification;
– oil filter;
– a new sealing ring for an oil discharge stopper;
– capacity with a capacity of 6 l for collecting the fulfilled oil
(it is possible to use an old can from under oil with the cut-off sidewall or the basin which served the term);
– capacity for utilization of the fulfilled oil;
– a funnel for filling of fresh oil;
– a cap tape key for an otvorachivaniye of an oil filter;
– a wrench for an otvorachivaniye and a wraparound of a stopper of discharge of oil.
Besides, a lot of pure rags and newspapers are necessary to wipe any spots.
Warm up the engine up to the normal working temperature.
Uncover the oil-filling mouth located on a cover of a head of the block of cylinders.
Lift the car on the elevator or establish it in horizontal position on a viewing ditch.

Do not work under the car installed only on a jack.

Place a container for collecting oil under a masloslivny opening and unscrew a stopper. If it is necessary, press a stopper when you unscrew; that oil did not follow prematurely, merge engine oil. At an otvorachivaniye of a stopper and plum of oil be careful as oil is hotter.
Visually check a condition of engine oil for availability of metal shaving and other inclusions.
Pure rags clear an oil discharge stopper.
When oil completely flows down, wipe oil around a drain opening and screw in a discharge stopper with a new sealing ring.
Move a container for collecting oil under an oil filter.
Special key weaken an oil filter, then turn out it a hand. After separation of the filter from the block of cylinders turn it a flange with a carving up at once to exclude discharge of oil from the filter.
Wipe with pure rags the block of cylinders to remove the oil spilled at removal of the filter otherwise during the operation of the engine oil will burn out and smoke. The remains of oil will interfere with the correct installation and an inhaling of a new oil filter.
Make sure that on the privalochny surface of the block of cylinders there is no pasted fragment of laying of the filter left. Otherwise remove them with a scraper.
Oil fresh engine a sealing ring of a new oil filter and screw an oil filter before contact of laying with the block of cylinders then tighten the filter on? turn.
Fill in oil of the corresponding brand in the engine. In a few minutes check the level of engine oil and if it is about a tag of "F", close a cover of an oil-filling mouth.
Launch the engine for one minute in order that engine oil began to circulate on the engine.
Stop the engine and wait a little that oil flew down in the pallet.
Check the level of oil and add if it is necessary. Check lack of leak of oil from under a stopper and an oil filter, otherwise tighten fastenings. On models with the oil heater also check lack of leaks between the oil heater and the block of cylinders. If leaks are found, remove the oil heater and replace consolidation.