2.18. Check of a power supply system

Gasoline is extremely flammable therefore during the work with elements of a power supply system use of fire, is forbidden by the sparking devices opened by fire-dangerous light devices and smoking. It is necessary to avoid emergence of sparking during the work with wires and electric devices.
As gasoline – cancerogenic substance, it is necessary to exclude its hit on a body and a paint and varnish covering of the car. Otherwise it is necessary to wash out immediately this place water with soap.

The power supply system fuel constantly is under pressure therefore before a detachment of pipelines take off pressure in a power supply system.
Immediately close all disconnected fuel-supply lines to prevent a fuel effluence from the fuel tank.

Fig. 2.13. An arrangement of basic elements of a power supply system on the car: 1 – carburetor; 2 – air filter; 3 – fuel pump; 4 – fuel filter; 5 – fuel return pipeline; 6 – fuel supply pipeline; 7 – bulk mouth; 8 – perepuskny valve; 9 – fuel tank;
10 – pipeline of removal of vapors of fuel

It is more convenient to serve a power supply system on the car lifted on the elevator as from below the car all systems are well visible and available (fig. 2.13).
If the gasoline smell is felt, immediately examine a power supply system.
Open a cover of a bulk mouth and check it for absence of damage and corrosion. Laying of a cover has to be elastic and not have damages, otherwise replace it.
Examine the giving and returnable fuel hoses on lack of cracks and damages. In the presence of damages replace them.
For survey of the fuel tank and the fuel tubes connected to it lift the car on the elevator. Pay special attention to the hose connecting the fuel tank and a bulk mouth.

Under no circumstances do not repair the fuel tank independently. When using a welding torch or any open flame the fuel vapors which accumulated in a tank can explode.

Replacement of the fuel filter
The power supply system sensitively reacts to fuel pollution therefore it passes through the special fuel filter. The particles of dirt weighed in fuel can get from just filled capacity at gas station.
The fuel filter is located on the left side of a motor compartment. It treats account, disposable type of details, it should be replaced according to the specified intervals.
Enclose rags or newspapers under the fuel filter to collect the fuel following at a detachment of hoses.
Mark an arrangement of hoses of giving and an exit of fuel on the fuel filter, weaken collars and disconnect hoses from the filter.
Mark with an arrow the direction of a stream on the filter and take the filter from fastening.
Install the new filter, the arrow has to specify in the necessary direction, then connect hoses and fix them by collars.

Check and adjustment of a cable of an accelerator
The accelerator cable (management of a butterfly valve) needs to be checked and regulated periodically to provide its normal functioning.
Measure the full length of a cable to be convinced that it is enough for adjustment.
At a normal working temperature of the engine be convinced that the air gate of the carburetor is completely open.

Fig. 2.14. Elements of adjustment of a cable of an accelerator: 1 – a nut of adjustment of a free wheeling of a cable of an accelerator from the carburetor; 2 – a bolt of adjustment of provision of a pedal of an accelerator for full opening of a butterfly valve

Measure a free wheeling of a cable from the carburetor and if necessary adjust it. If the free wheeling exceeds 3 mm, adjust it, rotating a nut of 1 (fig. 2.14) of fastening of a cover of a cable to an arm.

Check of the moments of an inhaling of nuts of fastening of the carburetor
The carburetor fastens four nuts to the top part of an inlet collector. The inhaling of nuts can weaken from vibration and high temperature that can lead to violation of tightness and a suction of air.
If there are suspicions that in the lower part of the carburetor air podsasyvatsya, take a long hose which diameter is equal to diameter of a hose of supply of fuel. Launch the engine and apply one end of a hose to an ear, other end survey area around the carburetor basis. If there is an air suction, hissing will be heard.
Remove the case of the air filter and an adhesive tape mark each disconnected hose to facilitate the subsequent installation.
Define what special tools or adapters will be required for an inhaling of nuts of fastening of the carburetor. Manufacturers do not specify the moments of an inhaling of nuts of fastening of the carburetor.
Reliably and evenly tighten nuts. Do not press them as it is possible to strip a thread.
If after an inhaling of nuts the suction of air proceeds, the carburetor needs to be removed and installed new laying.
After an inhaling of nuts of fastening of the carburetor install into place the case of the air filter and connect all hoses.