2.20. Check of epiploons and protective covers of hinges of equal angular speeds of power shafts

Lift a forward part of the car and reliably fix on supports.
Check the epiploons of power shafts placed in the place of an exit of power shafts from a transmission case. If there are traces of the oil following from connections a driving shaft / transmission, epiploons of a power shaft need to be replaced.
Protective covers of the hinges of equal angular speeds (HEAS) carry out very important role, preventing hit in CV JOINTS of water and dirt. Hit on a protective cover of fuel or lubricant can lead to their destruction therefore it is recommended to wash out them water with soap.
Lift the car on the elevator, having hung out forward wheels. Turn a steering wheel to the right or to the left against the stop and turn a wheel. Examine rubber protective covers of hinges of equal angular speeds, squeezing them for disclosure of bends.
Check them for existence of cracks which can lead to lubricant leak, hit in water and dirt. Check a condition of collars of fastening, examine covers of internal hinges and casings on the other hand. Immediately replace the damaged protective cover.