2.21. Shift of wheels

For safety during the replacing or shift of wheels fulfill the following requirements:
– install the car on the flat horizontal dry platform;
– slow down the car the parking brake, switch off ignition;
– include the first transfer or transfer of a backing (situation "P" for the automatic transmission);
– enclose an emphasis under wheels.
Do not work under the car installed on a jack at all (if necessary establish it on basic racks).

Fig. 2.15. Schemes of shift of wheels with radial and diagonal (b) tires

You carry out shift of wheels according to the schemes shown in fig. 2.15 according to the schedule of maintenance or in case of uneven wear of tires.
Wheels at shift have to rotate in the same party, as before shift.
If it is also necessary to check brakes, do not turn on the parking brake. Make sure that wheels are blocked by an antiretractable emphasis for the purpose of prevention of movement of the car.
For replacement of wheels it is better to lift all car the elevator or to raise a jack serially each party and then to lower on the supports located under chassis beams. Always use four supports and check that the car was reliably fixed.
After shift of wheels check pressure in tires, if necessary bring it to norm. Check reliability of an inhaling of nuts of fastening of wheels.