2.24. Replacement of working liquid in the automatic transmission

Replacement of liquid in the automatic transmission needs to be made right after a trip. Hot liquid more fully, than cold, takes out the deposit formed in it from the transmission. Temperature of liquid can exceed 178 °C.
For replacement of working liquid in the automatic transmission it is necessary to use the following equipment and materials:
– supports for support of the car;
– capacity with a capacity of 4 l for collecting old working liquid;
– a wrench for an otvorachivaniye and a wraparound of a stopper of discharge of liquid.
Lift the car and fix it on supports.
Establish capacity for collecting old working liquid under the transmission and turn out a drain stopper.
Make sure that capacity for collecting liquid is established reliably as liquid comes out under a pressure.
After discharge of liquid clear a stopper, screw it into place and reliably tighten.
Lower the car.
Open a cowl and take out the index (probe) for measurement of level of liquid in the transmission.
Fill in through a funnel in a filling tube of the automatic transmission the amount of liquid of the corresponding type specified in specifications and wait until liquid flows down in the pallet. Fill in liquid in the small portions, constantly checking its level. Take precautionary measures to exclude hit of dirt and foreign objects in the transmission.
Install the selector lever in situation "parking", turn on the parking brake and launch the engine without pressing an accelerator pedal. Do not increase the frequency of rotation of a bent shaft of the engine.
During the operation of the engine in the mode of idling check the level of working liquid which has to be lower than a tag of "F" on the index of level. If the level of liquid exceeds this tag, merge excess liquid.