2.25. Replacement of cooling liquid

Do not allow hit of cooling liquid on clothes and a paint and varnish covering of a body. Otherwise wash out a surface a large amount of water.

Periodically and after carrying out any works on cooling system elements with discharge of cooling liquid it is necessary to replace cooling liquid. If at repair the head of the block of cylinders, laying of a head of the block, a radiator or the heat exchanger of oil were replaced, it is necessary to fill in fresh cooling liquid in the cooling system. It is connected with the fact that anticorrosive additive in cooling liquid during the operation of the engine is besieged and creates anticorrosive protection. In the cooling liquid which was in operation, activity of anticorrosive additives is reduced.
In holding time of the cooling system check all hoses and a cover of a radiator, if necessary replace them.
You carry out discharge of cooling liquid on the cold engine.
Uncover a radiator.
Install a container for collecting cooling liquid under a stopper of discharge of a radiator. Turn off a stopper and merge cooling liquid from a radiator. If it is difficult to turn off a stopper or the radiator has no such stopper, disconnect the lower hose of a radiator and merge cooling liquid.
Disconnect a hose from a broad tank, remove a tank and wash out it outside clear water.
Close a drain stopper of a radiator. Install the handle of management of a heater in the provision of the maximum heating in order that the radiator and hoses of a heater were also washed out by a water stream. Insert a hose into a filling mouth of a radiator and wash out system until drainage openings do not come out clear water.
At strong pollution of a radiator remove it and wash out special means, observing the instruction for use.
Before filling of the cooling system connect hoses of a radiator and install a broad tank and a hose of overflow.
Check a condition of hoses of a radiator and a heater, and also reliability of fastening by their collars. Replace the damaged hoses and collars.
Fill a radiator to the mouth basis, then add cooling liquid to a broad tank to the lower tag.
Launch the engine and warm up it up to the normal working temperature, then in the mode of idling add cooling liquid to the maximum level. Establish covers of a tank and a radiator.
During a trip attentively watch the first several kilometers of the movement the level of cooling liquid and hoses of the cooling system. As required tighten collars of fastening of a hose and/or add cooling liquid.