2.3. Check of technical condition and service of the engine

If after acquisition of the car maintenance and inspections of levels of operational liquids were carried out regularly, the engine will be in good technical condition and the need for additional service will be minimized.
However often happens that the engine works unstably due to the lack of regular service. This case is most probable upon purchase of the used car which was not served regularly. Therefore service of the engine irrespective of the schedule of scheduled works is necessary.
Further operations which need to be carried out for restoration of normal power setting are given.
Clear, examine and check the rechargeable battery.
Check levels of all operational liquids.
Check a compression.
Check and adjust a tension of driving belts.
Replace spark plugs.
Check a condition of a cover and a rotor of the distributor of ignition.
Check a condition of spark plugs and high-voltage wires.
Check and in case of need adjust the frequency of rotation of a bent shaft of the engine idling and quality of fuel-air mix.
Check and adjust an ignition advancing corner.
Replace the fuel filter.
Check the valve of ventilation of a case of PCV.
Check a condition of the cooling system.
Besides perform the following works.
Check functioning of system of recirculation of the fulfilled EGR gases.
Check functioning of system of ignition.
Check a state and serve the rechargeable battery.
Check functioning of a power supply system.