2.8. Check of the cooling system

The engine of the car is operated in various climatic conditions and at various loadings. Temperature of cooling liquid and consequently, and the engine has to be regulated and remain in the narrow temperature range. It is provided by the engine cooling system.
Results from combustion in cylinders of the engine of fuel-air mix not only the torque setting the car in motion, but also a large amount of the released heat. Through an engine shirt the cooling liquid put in action by the water pump constantly circulates.
Violation of functioning of the cooling system usually leads to damage of the engine. If the car is equipped with the automatic transmission, the cooling system ensures normal functioning and long functioning of the transmission.
The cooling system needs to be checked on the cold engine.
Uncover a radiator and wash out clear water its internal and external surfaces. Clear a bulk mouth of a radiator. All traces of corrosion need to be removed.
Check the top and lower hoses of a radiator, and also hoses of a heater of smaller diameter. Replace hoses with cracks, gaps and signs of aging. It is easier to find cracks if to press a hose. Pay special attention to collars which fix hoses to cooling system elements. The excessive inhaling of collars of fastening of a hose can cause a gap or a puncture of a hose therefore in the cooling system leaks are formed.
Make sure that all connections of hoses are reliably tightened. Leak in the cooling system usually is found in the form of deposits of white color or color of a rust on the areas adjacent to the place of leak.
For removal of insects, leaves and so forth from a forward part of a radiator or the condenser of the conditioner use compressed air or a soft brush. Be attentive – do not injure the thin cooling edges and be not cut about them.
In conclusion check a cover and pressure in the cooling system. If there is a suspicion that the valve in a cover is faulty, and there is no possibility of its check, it is the simplest to replace a cover which costs not much.