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4.5. Removal of air from a power supply system fuel

It is necessary to delete air from a power supply system after its depressurization or at full fuel use from the fuel tank. Make sure that in the fuel tank there is a fuel.

Fig. 4.21. An arrangement of the screw (1) of removal of air on the fuel filter

On several turns unscrew the screw of removal of air located on the fuel filter (fig. 4.21).
The manual pump located in the top part of the filter pump up fuel from the fuel tank.
Pump up fuel until via the screw of removal of air there is no fuel without vials of air. Under pressure of the manual pump wrap the screw of removal of air.
Pump up fuel the manual pump until then (about 15 times), noticeable resistance will not begin to be felt yet.

Fig. 4.22. Weakening of a cap nut of fastening of the pipeline to a fuel nozzle for removal of an air stopper

If the engine is not launched as in a fuel-supply line the air stopper was formed, weaken cap nuts on fuel nozzles and include a starter to a fuel exit from the weakened connection (fig. 4.22). Then again tighten cap nuts and launch the engine.

You watch that diesel fuel did not get on cooling system hoses. Otherwise hoses should be wiped immediately. Replace the damaged hoses.