4.6. Check / replacement of the electromagnetic valve of a cut-off of fuel

The electromagnetic valve on the fuel pump of high pressure opens supply of fuel at inclusion of ignition. It should be checked if the engine is not launched or continues to work after switching off of ignition.
Switch on and off ignition, at the same time the click of operation of the electromagnetic valve has to be heard. If the electromagnetic valve does not work, the voltmeter check whether tension on a valve winding at inclusion of ignition moves. If tension is absent, determine the place of break of the drive by the electric circuit and eliminate malfunction.
If malfunction is not found, disconnect a wire and turn out the valve.

Fig. 4.23. Arrangement of the electromagnetic valve (1) of a cut-off of fuel

Connect the removed valve to a source of current of 12 V: the positive wire ("+") to the valve socket, a wire of "weight" ("–") to the valve case, at the same time a core of the valve has to be involved in the valve (fig. 4.23). Otherwise replace the valve.
Screw the new valve with laying and tighten its moment 25 N • m.
Connect a wire to the valve.