5.6. Check and replacement of details

Electric motor
Checking wires of an electric power-supply circuit of the electric motor, find the contact socket and the screw-driver separate it.

Fig. 5.5. The scheme of connections for check of the current consumed by the radiator fan electric motor

According to the scheme provided on fig. 5.5 by means of the ampermeter and the battery check the current consumed by the electric motor.
If the consumed current does not correspond to nominal rate, replace the electric motor.

Intermediate relay of the fan of a radiator
Disconnect the socket from a thermoswitch and check turning on of the fan of a radiator at turn of a key in the ignition switch in the provision of "ON". If the fan turns on, so the relay regularly.

Fig. 5.6. Arrangement of the intermediate relay of the fan of a radiator

If the fan does not turn on, then the break in chains or burn-out of a fusible insert can be the cause. If the electric chain and an insert are serviceable, replace the relay for what disconnect the socket and turn out screws (fig. 5.6).

The socket detachment from a thermoswitch is not allowed if the key in the switch of ignition is in the provision of "ON", in order to avoid automatic turning on of the fan of a radiator.

Merge liquid from the cooling system to the level corresponding to bottom edge of the case of the thermostat.
Disconnect the contact socket and remove a thermoswitch.
Place a thermoswitch in a vessel with hot water. At water temperature to 90 °C contacts of a thermoswitch have to be in the closed state. Heat water, contacts of a thermoswitch have to be opened before water begins to boil. If results of both tests negative, replace a thermoswitch.
When replacing a thermoswitch of the fan of a radiator do not forget to establish ring laying, otherwise leak of cooling liquid is possible.
Add liquid in the cooling system to necessary level.

Water pump
Malfunction of the water pump can lead to an overheat of the engine and an exit it out of operation (the engine is not cooled with a stream of the circulating cooling liquid).
Operability of the water pump can be checked in three ways without removal it from the engine. If the pump is faulty, it should be replaced or repaired.
Warm up the engine up to the working temperature and press the top hose of a radiator.
If the pump works normally, then at an otpuskaniye of a hose the push from a pressure of cooling liquid will be felt.
Control openings for liquid leak are provided in the case of the water pump. At violation of tightness of the pump through these openings small leak will be observed. To be convinced available leaks via the pump, remove the lower casing of a gear belt of the drive of the gas-distributing mechanism and from the lower party of the car light the lower part of a pump housing with a powerful lamp.
If bearings of a shaft of the water pump failed, then from a forward part of the engine the sharp squealing sound will be listened. Wear of a shaft is felt on a side play when swing a pulley of the pump up-down.
All details of the pump are interchanged, however work on its repair should be charged to the expert or to hand over the pump in the service center as special devices for a press fitting will be required.
Removal and installation
Study the prevention in section 2.
Merge cooling liquid.
Remove casings of a gear belt and a gear belt. Shoot a video of a natyazhitel of a gear belt.
Disconnect an inlet hose from the water pump.
Turn off bolts of fastening of the water pump.

Fig. 5.7. Water pump: 1 – gear belt; 2 – top casing of a gear belt; 3 – driving belt; 4 – pulley; 5 – lower casing of a gear belt; 6 – hose; 7 – roller of a natyazhitel; 8 – water pump; 9 – laying

By means of the big screw-driver or an assembly shovel of the suitable size separate the water pump, at the same time shaking it to bring a pump gear wheel out of gearing (fig. 5.7).
Having displaced the water pump forward, turn out bolts and disconnect an inlet pipe.
Take the water pump from a motor compartment.
Carefully clear the contact surfaces of the pump of the laying remains. Examine and clear a ring flute under sealing laying.
Grease ring laying with technical vaseline and lay in a flute. Before installation grease with sealant both parts of laying.
Install the water pump into place and attach an inlet pipe. Wrap by hand two bolts of fastening of the pump.
Wrap other bolts and cross-wise tighten them the required moment.
Attach an inlet hose.
Establish a gear belt and casings of a belt.
Fill in antifreeze in the cooling system.

 Heater fan electric motor
Removal and installation
Disconnect a wire from the negative plug of the rechargeable battery. For simplification of access to the electric motor of a heater remove the lower slip from the dashboard from the forward passenger.
Disconnect the contact socket, turn out screws and take out the electric motor from a casing.
Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal.