5.7. Service of the air conditioning system

Specially trained qualified personnel has to perform works with air conditioning system.
Air conditioning system is under high pressure. Without removal of pressure in the service center even partial dismantling of system (removal of hoses, the compressor of the conditioner, joints of pipelines, etc.) is not allowed.
Coolant can cause serious damages of eyes or skin, and near an open flame or the lit cigarette forms toxic gases.

Remove a forward protective lattice.
Examine edges of the condenser and remove with a brush leaves and the remains of insects, check contact sockets of the fan and the evaporator.
Check connections of hoses of the air conditioning system. In the presence of hardening or wear address the dealer or in a specialized workshop for replacement.
Periodically according to the instruction check and regulate a tension of a driving compressor belt of the conditioner.
As the qualified personnel with use of special tools and the equipment has to carry out service of the air conditioning system and also because air conditioning systems installed on cars can differ from each other, the description of the main procedures of service is beyond the present manual.
Monthly include air conditioning system for several minutes even if in it there is no need, – it will allow to support her in operating state.
Annually address the dealer or the expert for check of filling of air conditioning system with coolant. Operation of system with insufficient filling with coolant can lead to an exit it out of operation.