6.2. Fuel pump

The fuel pump fastens to a head of the block of cylinders from the back party of the engine (from a partition of a motor compartment).
Structurally the pump is executed non-demountable and is not subject to repair. However it is possible to examine and check the pump, without removing it from the car.
Make sure that in the fuel tank there is a gasoline.
At the working engine check existence of leaks from all connections of a fuel-supply line from the fuel tank to the carburetor. Delay the weakened connections.
Check absence on hoses of traces of breaks, perezhatiya which limit intake of fuel. Fuel supply speed the pump is strongly influenced by a suction of air and perezhaty a hose from the giving party.
Check lack of leak of fuel on a pump diaphragm flange.
Disconnect a high-voltage wire of the coil of ignition from the ignition distributor and carefully connect a wire to "mass" of the car to exclude sparking. Then disconnect a tube of supply of fuel from the carburetor and install under it a vessel.

Fig. 6.1. Check of operability of the fuel pump

Turn a bent shaft of the engine on several turns and be convinced that from the open end of a tube the small portion of fuel (fig. 6.1) arrives. If fuel does not arrive, so the line of supply of fuel with the filter is littered or the fuel pump is faulty.
Disconnect a fuel-supply line on both sides and blow it compressed air. If the fuel-supply line is not littered, replace the fuel pump.

Removal and installation

Gasoline is extremely flammable, during the work with elements of a power supply system use of fire, the sparking devices opened by fire-dangerous light devices and smoking is forbidden. It is necessary to prevent emergence of sparking at the address with wires and electric devices. It is forbidden to carry out works in a garage with a supply of natural gas.

Disconnect a wire from the negative plug of the rechargeable battery.

Fig. 6.2. Fuel pump: 1 – hoses of giving and return of fuel; 2 – fuel pump; 3 – fuel return pipeline

Flat-nose pliers weaken collars, remove and close traffic jams hoses of giving and return of fuel (fig. 6.2). Disconnect and close a stopper the fuel return pipeline.
Turn off bolts of fastening of the pump, remove the pump, a pro-rate and laying.
Install the pump, having placed laying on both sides of a pro-rate.
Connect fuel hoses, launch the engine and check existence of leaks.