6.3. Repair and replacement of fuel-supply lines

If it is necessary to replace a metal tube of a fuel-supply line, use only a steel seamless tube as copper or aluminum tubes are subject to bystry wear from impact of the vibrations arising at normal operation of the car.
If only a part of a metal tube of a fuel-supply line is damaged, then it can be cut off and replaced with a rubber hose. The hose only from the reinforced petrol-resistant rubber on which marking of "Fluroelastomer" is applied is suitable for replacement. Internal diameter of a hose has to correspond to the outer diameter of a tube of a fuel-supply line. The piece of a hose has to be 100 mm longer than the deleted fuel-supply line piece to provide calling of a hose on 50 mm on both ends of the metal site. Both ends of a hose are condensed with collars.
If length of the deleted part of a metal tube of a fuel pipe exceeds 150 mm, then for connection it is necessary to use a metal tube with the pieces of hoses which are put on on its ends which length no more than 100 mm.