6.4. Fuel tank

In the empty fuel tank there are explosive vapors of fuel therefore be careful.
The removed fuel tank has to be located far from naked flame, the sparking devices, open fire-dangerous light devices and places of smoking.

Removal and installation
Lift a back part of the car and establish on supports.
Disconnect a wire from the negative plug of the rechargeable battery.
Merge fuel from the fuel tank in a pure container.
Remove a back seat, the protective panel and disconnect a wire from the sensor of the index of level of fuel.

Fig. 6.3. Fuel tank: 1 – to a fuel return tube; 2 – to the main fuel-supply line; 3 – to the control valve; 4 – to a bulk mouth

Mark tubes of a fuel-supply line and disconnect their (fig. 6.3). Disconnect a filling hose from a bulk mouth of the fuel tank.
Holding a tank (ask the assistant or establish a support), turn off five bolts.
Carefully lower a tank and remove it from the car.

Even in the empty fuel tank there are explosive vapors of fuel therefore be careful.

Before installation be convinced that the tank is completely cleared of dirt and a rust. It is recommended to paint a tank with anticorrosive enamel. Replace the tank struck with corrosion from within.
Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal.

Any repair of the fuel tank (toplivonalivny mouth) has to be carried out by the expert who has experience of performance of potentially dangerous works. Even after cleaning and washing of the fuel tank in it there are explosive vapors of fuel.
If the fuel tank is removed from the car, it should not be stored near places of possible sparking or an open flame. Observe extra care in a garage with a supply of natural gas.