8.3. System of injection of air

The system of injection of air promotes decrease in content in the fulfilled gases of hydrocarbons and carbon oxide due to injection of air in final branch pipes of each of cylinders.
In system of injection of air there is a suction of air during pulse increase in pressure in the highway at production of the fulfilled gases. For this purpose the clean air passed via the air filter is used.
The system consists of the reed valves located on the case of the air filter, and the bringing pipelines and hoses.

Check of technical condition
Sign of malfunction of system of injection of air is the return penetration of the fulfilled gases via the air filter. Always carefully check all hoses. Be convinced of absence of damage, pollution and tightness of all connections.
Simple check of operability of system can be executed on the working engine.
Remove the top cover and the filtering element of the air filter.

Fig. 8.2. Check of operability of the reed valve of system of injection of air by means of the sheet of paper

Put the sheet of paper on an entrance opening of the reed valve, at the same time the engine which is warmed up up to the working temperature has to idle (fig. 8.2).
During the operation of the engine idling in the valve the steady stream of air has to be sucked in. Ask the assistant to press an accelerator pedal.
In process of increase in frequency of rotation of a bent shaft of the engine watch depression which has to increase.
If depression does not increase, then it demonstrates to leak in a hose or that the hose is pressed, or about malfunction of reed valves.
Increase the frequency of rotation of a bent shaft of the engine up to 1500 min.-1 and check whether there is a leak of the fulfilled gases in the place of accession of a hose of air supply.
If result of both tests unsatisfactory, replace the reed valve.

Remove the air filter.

Fig. 8.3. Details of the reed lamellar valve

Turn off and remove screws of fastening of a cover of the case of the lamellar valve, raise and take out valves and filters from the case (fig. 8.3).
Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal.